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The Port of Constanta is located on the Western Coast of the Black Sea, at 179 Nm from the Bosphorus Strait and 85 Nm from the Sulina Branch, through which the Danube flows into the sea. It covers 3,926 ha of which 1,313 ha is land and the rest of 2,613 ha is water.The two breakwaters located northwards and southwards shelter the port creating the safest conditions for port activities. The present length of the North breakwater is 8,344 m and the South breakwater is 5,560 m.

Constanta Port has a handling capacity of 100 million tons per year and 156 berths, of which 140 berths are operational. The total quay length is 29.83 km, and the depths range between 8 and 19 meters. These characteristics are comparable with those offered by the most important European and international ports, allowing the accommodation of tankers with capacity of 165,000 dwt and bulk carriers of 220,000 dwt.

Currently, there are several projects in progress, in order to build new facilities for cargo handling and to improve the transport connections between Constanta Port and its hinterland. These projects are mainly located in the South part of the port

Traffic Separation Zone (TSS):

The traffic separation scheme for arriving into and departing from the port is as follows:

1. The separation zone has the following limits:

44°04.75′N 028°43.77′E
44°04.44′N 028°43.22′E
43°59.40′N 028°48.60′E
43°59.70′N 028°49.17′E

2. The entrance channel into the port has the general direction NW, True course is 322°

44°00.19′N 028°50.04′E
44°05.24′N 028°44.65′E.

3. The departure channel from the port has the general direction SE, True course is 142°

44°03.96′N 028°42.35′E
43°58.90′N 028°47.74′E.

The observance of 1972 COLREG is compulsory. The length of the navigational channel is 6.4 Nm, depth is 21 m. The breadth of the navigational channel is 0.8 Nm. The width of the separation zone is 0.5 Nm.


Compulsory for all vessels, except navy vessels, vessels used in public service, vessel for maintenance or for the control and surveillance of navigation, intervention vessels, training, hospital and pleasure vessels.

Pilotage is compulsory for berthing, unberthing, shifting and is available 24hours/day.

The vessel’s Master has to contact Constanta VTS / VHF Ch 67 at the entrance into the jurisdiction zone (12 Nm radius from position: 44°10.20’N 028°39.60’E). Pilot can be contacted in VHF Ch 14.

The language used is English. The compulsory zone for embarking/disembarking of pilot is:

  • In fair weather (the wind force up to 4): within the circle with a radius of 0.5 Nm from position: 44°05.06’N 028°43.06’E.
  • In bad weather (over force 4) near the position 44°06.24’N 028°42.30’E.


The roadstead of Constanta is limited by the following co-ordinates:

(A) 44°10.50′N 028°44.00′E
(B) 44°10.50′N 028°49.50′E
(C) 44°06.50′N 028°49.50′E
(D) 44°06.50’N 028°44.00′E

 The meridians of 028°46.7’E and 028°48.2’E divide the anchorage into 3 zones, numbered from West to East:

Zone 1: Anchorage for vessels up to 40,000 GRT (except tankers)
Zone 2: Anchorage for vessels over 40,000 GRT (except tankers)
Zone 3: Anchorage for tankers, LPG carriers and vessels carying dangerous cargoes

The roadstead allows safe anchorage, with depths of 25-30m for 40 to 50 large ships, with the possibility to make a full swing in case of change of wind or current direction. In bad weather, small vessels may enter the port waters with the approval of the Constanta VTS only.

Port limits:

As the commercial limits, the port of Constanta is confined by the North and South breakwaters.

BA 2284. Admiralty Pilot NP19


Between 1.012 and 1.014 from South to North of the Port


Prevailing winds: beginning with October and all winter, there are strong northerly winds (up to 9 to 10 Beaufort). In the summer time, variable winds, sometimes rainfalls.

Maritime signaling system:

The Romanian maritime ports are provided with a modern maritime signaling system: light buoys and radar reflectors.

Radar surveillance is permanently performed by Constanta VTS on 12 Nm radius area.

The traffic plans:

The master of the vessel is obliged to be in permanent contact with Constanta VTS (VHF Ch 67) starting from the vessel’s entrance into the jurisdiction zone, at anchor also. Entering/leaving in/from the port and also the maneuvers inside the anchorage zone will be made with the approval of the Constanta VTS only .


Entrance to the port during night-time is forbidden for tankers with a draft over 11 m. Tug assistance is compulsory for any vessel over 1,000 NRT as well for tankers regardless of size.

Search and rescue (SAR):

In the Romanian ports zone on the Black Sea the SAR operations are provided by ARSVOM (Romanian Association for the rescue of human life at sea – Constanta), with two tugs: ”Hercules” (6.600 hp) and ”Viteazul” (2.400 hp), and also, 11 SAR launches. Contact details:

Romanian Association for the rescue of human life at sea – Constanta
Tel:+40.241.672728, +40.341.488226, +40.341.488227
E-mail: [email protected]

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